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The facilities are a breath of fresh air when compared to the relative poverty of the surrounding Reservation. Our beds were full-size, so a little cramped for more than 1 adult. The rooms were clean, the staff friendly. The in-house restaurant was good and affordable, which was good for us since they were few and far between.

Trips to the surrounding attractions were predominantly on long dirt roads. I would suggest either the guided tours or good SUVs. The roads can be washed out after rains, closing off some attractions for the day, or forcing a long bypass to yet another dirt road (lucky me!). I did a torture test on these roads (120 miles) with my rented Ford Mustang Convertible. The last 14 miles of dirt to the Rim road (paved) was particularly painful. The scenery at the West Rim of the Grand Canyon was spectacular. The barbeque lunch at the edge is a nice touch.

The ride through the Joshua Tree Forest was great (paved section of road). The trip is worth the aggravation because the number of people here is very low, making for a very intimate, quiet and peaceful time at the sites. There are airplane and helicopter rides available as well.

I recommend this journey only for those who do not mind roughing it a bit and spending some time on the road to get to the attractions.

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Hualapai Lodge
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