Reliable Riu A review of Riu Garopa

We were due to stay at the Odjo D'Agua but after one night at the start of our holiday decided we wanted something more reliable and therefore changed to the Riu Garopa.

The Garopa had just been opened a few weeks but you would not have known it - typical 'sound' Riu standards which we have enjoyed on many occasions before.

This is one of the Riu's Clubhotels so quite family friendly - though when we travelled there were very few children. The standard of food was good with a great range of dishes - as we had expected.

The sister hotel sits immediately adjacent and the grounds of the Funana were a year more mature - but in the wonderful climate the Garopa will soon catch up!

The beach was lovely with the opportunity for some great walks.

If you want to tip take plenty of small euro denominations - getting change did not seem to be easy.

The staff were extremely friendly and well trained - to say most of their visitors to date have been Portuguese, German, French and Italian their standard of English was very good.

The Riu website is excellent so rather than go through all the facilities I suggest you use the link :


They say CV is an emerging tourist destination - Sal has very little to offer those wanting sightseeing but you cannot complain about the climate. However, just a word of warning about the breeze/wind, which, in the main, was a delight - contact wearers beware of the dust in the air on windy days.

We would go back when we wanted a week of reliable warm weather and high standard of service only 6 hours flight from England.

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