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We stayed for three nights over Thanksgiving 05 and enjoyed the hotel. Good points: we had a deluxe ocean view room which had a nice balcony overlooking pretty Wrightsville beach; The bathroom is attractive with two shower heads but has two strange features; first of all, there is a window in the bathroom with a curtain which you can pull back, presumably to see the ocean while you are in the shower (unless you are near sighted like me and have to take your glasses off in which case it is pointless!) but the downside to this is that during the night, when my husband wanted to use the bathroom and turned on the light, the curtain is so see through and thin that the light would wake me up! They really should put some kind of black out curtain on this window - they do have them on the doors leading to the patio. Second strange feature, the shower, although beautiful, has a glass panel only half way down the shower stall so when you take a shower, water sprays all over half the bathroom floor!

The room wasn't 100% clean when we arrived; we found a lighter on the floor which had not been spotted by the maid and cigarette butts on the balcony from a previous guest but these were quickly cleaned up after I complained.

We did not eat at the hotel as there were a lot of special Thanksgiving functions going on and the place was packed. On the Sat. night we did have a drink at the bar - the bartender was a little disinterested to be honest and they do tack on a tip to the bill without asking which I am not used to.

Overall it is a pleasant place to stay with a nice looking pool, copper waterfall feature and pretty gardens; there is a cute boardwalk going down to the beach and the beach is clean and attractive. The waves are nice rollers here so surfers would enjoy in the summer months. They have valet parking or self parking and there are great restaurants nearby, especially the Blue Water grill - we had dinner there on Thanksgiving and the Saturday after Thanksgiving with no reservations and it was fabulous. They also offer a Sushi bar in the lobby every evening which is an interesting touch. Staff were pleasant and the Valet guys gave us some good restaurant tips.

Overall a pleasant place to stay, and we got a good rate on Expedia in advance which saved about $35 a night getting our ocean front deluxe room for $109 which was good value for money.

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