Refused to honor Confirmed Reservation for FEB 2007 A review of Sobe You Tropical Bed & Breakfast Inn

Sobeyou's management called us after we had booked several months ago and claimed that the rate that they had offered to us AND sent written confirmation for was incorrect and therefore, we could take the room at their published internet rate, or, basically, too bad....Their customer service was atrocious in this instance--THEY offfered a subtle discount when we phoned to reserve--we didn't ask for it. In fact, we had asked for more basic accommodation, but the Reservations agent suggested we take the upgrade, which she would be happy to offer at a slight discount.

Their miscommunication within their establishment has become our problem. We have already purchased plane tickets and now have been left with nothing in return. Even after we wrote a very firm, but polite response as to the need for them to soak up the total of roughly $100 in loss IN TOTAL for their mistake as the correct action, their only reply was to reiterate that the rate was the rate, but that she would be glad to "assist us in finding another location". No apologies, no compromises, no admission that this was THEIR fault! We will not be going there and we recommend others voting with their feet and taking their business elsewhere.

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