Really Great Place - read this review first A review of Double Eagle Resort and Spa

Wow, I was alittle nervous after making reservations then reading a few of the reviews, but :

WE HAD A GREAT TIME, GREAT EXPERIENCE AND STAFF. I am a real hotel snob, I like a clean big room, love tubs and like good service. I was very impressed and rate this place in the top of all my travels, comparing to vegas, pismo etc. I have many times, asked for a change in rooms if it wasn't clean or too small. I was so pleased and impressed I planned to stay two nights and changed my plans and stayed another night here and cancelled at the next place I planned to go to.

I went back to see what the others complaints were about when I got back and wanted to address the multiple items, because I felt so strongly that this place didn't get a fair review based on what I experienced.

One review stated the office was closed and they had to wander around and eventually found the spa to get their kesy. There are large signs directing you to the spa, very easy to follow and it isn't that big a place to start- and the office advised me when I called if they were closed what to do about getting the key.

Then there was a complaint about no welcome (when checking in after the office was closed)and advise about bears. There was a sheet provided at my checkin - with the very nice and welcoming office staff that gave a few tips on the fireplace, tub and addressed bears, I read the one page sheet provided with tips on the resort.

There was a complaint about the 20% ad on for spa services.

I booked a facial and read in the brochure and was told at the time of my appointment that they add 18% (which is the normal at every facial I have had) and if I didn't want this added I was welcome to advise them of the same. Again, in the materials I was provided to read, this was clearly mentioned about the spa services. If someone complains about not knowing information, suggest they read the materials provided vs complaining about the resort.

There were some complaints about the theme of decorations being woodsy and gravel ground and flagstone steps - this is the forest. What a surprise they would decorate in that theme. I thought the little mining set up by the jazzuci was really cute and appreciated the extra efforts with little wagons in the outdoor area etc. My husband and I took cute pictures and thought the entire layout was done with a eye for detail and pleasure for the entire family. The gravel and flagstone is needed due to snow in this area 50% of the year and stream next to the property and very common in the entire area.

We were in the luxury room, very very large, big jazzuci tub, shower, sink area and private toilet area. King bed, 32" tv, dvd,small fireplace/stove, sink with large coffee maker, glasses, big coffee mugs, wet bar sink, very comfortable chair, very nice expensive patio chairs and table on our private large patio. The free breakfast with the room was great, the restaurant staff all very nice. We had great experience with the staff - there is staff everywhere (lots of them) and all friendly, helpful and went out of their way. We had the tub drain that wouldn't stay down, I called the front desk, a maintance person was sent immediately, took him less than 5 minutes to get there, he took the drain stop out, put a new one in and was all done in less than 5 minutes, then the office called to check if everything else was working ok. Under the sink in the bathroom was a full set of extra towels, didn't have to call and ask for them. There was also several drawers in the bathroom, I really like this to get things off the counter.

The furniture was all very nice and good quality (again in a woodsy theme) but this is the forest area and beach theme would seem odd wouldn't it.

There was a complaint about only getting one towel at the spa.

The pool staff was great and helpful and the sign by the pool said take one, it was a sign, not an order and seemed reasonable to me, others took more than one and no one came to take the towel away.

We had lunch in the resturant WOW great food, large portions and excellent taste and flavor. The prices are high for dinner, but we had dinner in two different places in June loop and they were all high and the hotels dining room was by far the nicest.

SO, I HAD A GREAT TIME, VERY NICE STAFF ALL VERY PROFESSIONAL AND HELPFUL, ROOM WAS THE BEST, WEATHER GREAT, EVERYTHING WAS VERY CLEAN AND I COULDNT ASK FOR MORE, and I really am normally a hotel snobby type. I dont' stay a most chains, stick with Marriott whenever I can and pay more than most for what I want and this place is as good as all the Marriott's I have stayed at.

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