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Me and my girlfriend wanted a quiet resort for 2 weeks to just relax and be comfortable, so we chose Calan Bosch and the Paradise Club self catering. First things first, Menorca is the much quieter of the 3 main Balearic Islands and Calan Bosch is one of the better resort areas (clean, quiet and relatively new compared to the Cala Blanes area). We noticed that we did not have the accessory of the day which is a 'child in a buggy' as the resort was abosolutely full of young famalies, but we in no way felt this was a problem to us. Most of the kids were from toddlers to about 12 so there we no loud and obnoxious teenagers.

The accomodation was classed as four grade self catering, and included a kitchenette room with seperate bedroom and bathroom. All clean and tidy. Kitchen had two rings and a microwave, 4 sets of eating equipment some pots and pans and toaster and kettle. Air con was standard and there was a poratble TV. The rooms were well serviced 3 days a week for cleaning and towels. As already mentioned by a previous reviewer, the patio doors are not fully secured with locks so the safety deposit box is a must, although it cost approx €40 for 2 weeks inc a €6 deposit, returnable, which we thought was a bit steep considering their poor security..............

The reception area was cool and the staff helpful. Internet was available. Each evening had some form of entertaimnet on in the large main bar.

The pool area had two pools, a larger pool downstairs for famalies and larger groups and there was a smaller second pool upstairs for a slightly quieter time of things for couples and older people.....a nice thought. There was also a kids club that appeared to be popular.

All in all, this accomodation and resort choice was ideal for a QUIET holiday and although there were children around, it wasn't a reason to dislike the place as they were of that age where they do as they are told.............Recommended for a good, quiet relaxing time.

Calan Bosch itself is centered around a purpose built marina area surrounded with restaurants and bars. All of the eating and drinking places were good value and family friendly, and they were not pumping out loud music. There was just about enough to do each night if you altered you evening walk and varied the pubs you visited.

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