Really felt like i was in a foreign country A review of Amadil Beach Hotel

My cousin and I (2 single females) have just returned from a week at this hotel and thought it very much had its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages were the great location, right on the beach, so you could roll out of bed right onto it!! Be warned though the beds and umbrellas were so close together they blocked out the sun! The locals were really friendly and all our concerns about 2 females on their own were soon dismissed. We felt comfortable walking around the resort and no-one realy bothered us except for the shop keepers who just want you to look in their shop. We didnt mind but they all sold the same thing!!

What we did think was a rip off was the fact that there is someone on the hotel door at all times and you are not allowed to bring in any food or drink. This i can understand but the shop in the hotel is very limited and we werent even allowed to bring in a bottle of coke to have with ourt duty free rum! We sneaked some stuff in but we know of others that got caught! Also they were charging around £2.40 for a bottle of water whereas at the supermarket across the road it was only about 20p!!

Our room was a lovely size and on the whole kept clean but we had to call down to reception on 2 occasions at 5pm after getting off the beach cos it hadnt been cleaned and we had no towels or toilet roll.

We got woke up most mornings about 5am from some thudding moroccon music which was a right pain. I called reception and they said it must be coming from another hotel. We didnt find out until the last day that there was a club underneath the hotel for the locals which started at 12.30 and finished at 5.30 am. Mystery solved!

There was a lovely international feel about the hotel, lots of French, German and locals which really made us feel like we were actually in a foreighn place, and only one McDonalds and English bar in thewhole resort which was great. Unfortunately most information was not in English and as the rep had only been there a week we found it quite frustrating finding anythng out. We got most of our info from other holidya makers but unfortunately as we were only there for a week for some things was a bit too late.

Be prepared to wait about 1/2 hour to get your drink that you have ordered and check your change as often they just keep it.

Entertaiment was awful - where do i start! Last sit down for dinner was 9.30pm adn the so called entertainment started at 9pm!! Sometimes it only lasted 20 minutes and was utter rubbish. The team work hard but they coudl do with some serious advice. The same show was repeated twice in one week! They finished with some music and dancing dead on 11pm evey night and apart from bars there was not a lot on outside. Maybe it was the time of year who knows.

I would recommend the city tour as that gives you a real flavour of Agadir and a good introduction.

Although there were a few areas that could do with improvement we still enjoyed our holiday and met some lovely people whilst there. The hotel was ok but i dont think i would recommend it to my freinds and family.

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