Reality check A review of Sheraton Arlington Hotel

Pros: Six Flags is nearby, but then again, Six Flags is nearby to about two dozen hotels here in Arlington. However, the staff smiles courteously each time you ask for something and "there's nothing [they] can do about it."

Cons: I booked on the internet, but didn't use Wyndham's website. So, Wyndham is punishing me by not allowing me to use my Wyndham membership. I'm paying for my forth night instead of getting it for free. I'm paying an extra $9.99 for internet access instead of getting that for free. BTW, you don't need a special membership to get internet free at Marriott (for instance). The Wyndham is aging -- carpets are worn; the sink bowl is cracked; the elevators are scratched and scummy -- very unexpected in a 3 star hotel. In the morning, my coffee cup was replaced with a new cup with some mucky substance smeared across it. The only thing missing is to charge my credit card for calls to the front desk - like the laughable bank ads of a few years ago making fun of the attempt to charge you a fee to ask a question. Oops! I didn't mean to give Wyndham that idea! I've crossed the Wyndham name off my hotel list and created a special blackmark in Microsoft Outlook. Do the same!

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