Ready for Implosion A review of Westchester Marriott

I checked out of this hotel only four hours after checking in. It was that miserable.

This is a 25 year old property. The smell when you walk into your room is of perfumey cleaning substances trying to cover the stench of mold. I could not place it at first (tobacco? clove cigarettes?) There is dust on all surfaces including the bathroom sink. (How?) The tub and toilet are permanently stained although I needed to look several times to be sure they were not just dirty. Staring into the toilet for safety concerns is not what I want to do in a hotel. Large stains on the rugs and chipped old furniture to augment worn out towels and washcloths from WWII.

Room Service: Called off peak, waited 55 minutes and received $60.00 of food on a plastic tray with a piece of paper on it. No steak knife for the steak, no bread and no salt and pepper. Just nothing. Screaming budget pain rarely includes the lack of salt and pepper.

Front desk staff and hotel operator swapped my calls back and forth to each other multiple times.

If you find yourself in beautiful Westchester County, run and do not walk at a fast clip to an another hotel.

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