READ THIS BEFORE YOU GO! A review of Comfort Suites Lakeside

Beware! No pay-per-view movies....but the t.v.'s all have A/V jacks so bring your own dvd player, playstation or xbox! Big fridges/freezers and microwaves in the suites! Everything was neat and clean....great service too! The lobby has a computer you can use to access the internet with, lotso f arcade games and exercise equipment. The water park is fantastic! The slide is great, the lazy river could be bigger but works great, and kids will love the shallow pool with sprinkler! There's an adult-only hottub as well which could easily seat 12+ people.

I've read the other reviews listed here and have to say...must have been awhile ago. I was leary staying here after reading the bad reviews but it seems a couple people were just angry at nothing (like all-inclusive drinks???). This hotel is still under construction...adding a bigger exercise room and more suites but the halls are quiet, there are lots of firedoors but they close slowly and quietly. And get your lazy butt out of bed before 9am to take advantage of the tons of food down in the lobby! if there's noone there at 9 they'll close it down, but my gf and I were there at 830 and stayed til almost 10 and the food was left out for us. You can make your own belgian waffles, they've got frozen waffles to toast, bagels, muffins, english muffins, cereal (capn crunch, raisin bran, cheerios, etc...) fruit, lots of juice and coffees, milk....LOTS OF FOOD. Did I mention the waterpark is fantastic?? The lifeguard/bartender (yes they have a bar in the waterpark but you have to drink at the bar) was really helpful and funny too.

BEST HOTEL STAY I'VE EVER HAD. The only way this place could get better would be a masseuse. Get a hottub room, they're awesome!

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