Read the fine print. A review of Hotel Riu Palace Paradise Island

We just got back from a stay at this hotel. Our travel agent got a pretty good price for us or so we thought. The price they advertised was $139 a night but when we checked out we discovered that the real price was over $170 a night.

Our bill showed the following additional charges per night....

Taxes $16.68 (We expected taxes but not this much but I admit this additional charge was not the hotel's fault.)

Housekeeping $7.00

Energy Surcharge $8.00

Finally a $2.00 charge for the room safe.

If a hotel wants to charge a higher rate that is their right but they should be honest about it and disclose the full price at check in and not ambush the customer at check out.

What's next? An extra charge for use of the hotel elevator?

This hotel gets a 3 rating for the accomadations but a zero rating for honesty.

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