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I completely agree with the past 2 reviews. The adjoining rooms through a locked door was a nightmare! I don't even think my neighbors were being loud, it's just that because it isn't sealed off, you can hear everything next door! We put towels on the ground to try to block out some of the noise so that we could get some sleep. Parking was a nightmare. You are sort of forced to park in their convention center parking lot because it doesn't seem safe to park your car on the street. Even if you wanted to park on the street, it was hard to ever find parking because of all the restrictions. One side you couldn't park from 12:00 am - 3:00 am and on the other side you couldn't park from 3:00 am - 6:00 am or something like that. And this was daily, except for holidays only. The Marriott website states that daily parking rates are $15/day but what it doen't tell you is that there is no in and out privileges. Beware of that! So for example, if you left and came back and left again and came back in one day, you'd be paying $30 for that day. Staff was not the friendliest. Guest Services was helpful when asked. When I saw pictures of the pool area on-line I was very excited because it looks huge....but in actuality, it's pretty small and the picture I saw of it (the angle of it) made it look big and extravagent. We seriously thought that there was another pool somewhere else. It's not the worst hotel that I've stayed at but it is definitely not the best either!

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