Raves for Food A review of Clarion Inn Historic Strasburg Inn

Although my 3 friends and I did not stay at the Historic Strasburg Inn, we did have breakfast there one morning and also dinner during our two night stay in Strasburg over the first weekend in August.

The dinner was so good that we plan to go there again after the Christmas holidays when we will be back down there on the 29th and 30th of December for the play. The dining ambiance was also terrific; great piano player and lovely decorations. Their Gift Shop had some wonderful things in it at reasonable prices.

Since we are retired, their room prices are too high for us at the $149 per night that we were quoted for double occupancy for a standard non-smoking room. This is the only reason we didn't stay there. So the moeny we saved on our rooms elsewhere we used for the dinner we so enjoyed.

When I checked the internet for their room prices there was a BIG gap in what was reported. Some say rates run from $50-$75 a night and others say $149 a night. If the $50-$75 rates were true, they would probably get more people staying there.

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