Rather unsettling. A review of The Mark Addy

Unfortunately, we found our experience at the Mark Addy Inn to be unsettling. On one hand, the grounds and the room was very nice, and it was convenient for my girlfriend and I to stay there for our visit, but from the very first phone call to make reservations, we found the owners to be lacking in hospitality. We never felt quite welcome, and often received a much warmer reception and camaraderie from the guests than we did the Mark Addy owners, which was a little disturbing. We are still not exactly sure why this was, but we did attempt to show them every kindness and respect while we were there, so their behavior was quite mystifying to us.

It may be that we are misrepresenting the place, and we recognize that this may just be our experience. We arrived an hour or two early to the inn from a redeye flight, and were turned away despite our exhaustion, and at the end, the owners had believed we had forgotten to tip the maid (we hadn't, it was a simple breakdown in communication) and yelled at us - even after explaining the mistake, they still said they would fault us and charge us as well.

In short, while the Mark Addy was a convenient stay for us, in the end, we would have preferred another bed and breakfast or even a hotel room in Waynesboro or Charlottesville. As long as you do not cross the owners of Mark Addy, you shouldn't experience any problems and the view there is beautiful, but the undercurrent of anger and overt hostility from the owners has made it so we would not wish to stay there again if we had the choice.

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