Ramada's Bait and Switch A review of Ramada Inn Boston

The Boston Ramada kinda looked like a cheap motel that they tried to convert into a mid range hotel in a strange kinda half baked way by enclosing the outside and courtyard pool area. It did have a fairly decent shuttle to the subway van but it was always full. Upon arrival I asked for a king size bed which the clerk said they didn't have in non-smoking. So I asked about one in smoking. He ignored my request and gave me a double. I presented him with an ad that I picked up at the state welcome center for $69 (it said nothing about 1st night only). He said it would be $129 for the second day (averaging $99 the normal walk-in rate). I called the second day and found the rate to be $99. So I told the manager that it looked like they played a bait and switch game with me. He gave me some nonsense about availability and charged us $99 for the second night . The very least he could have done. So BEWARE when staying at RAMADA. It's not the first time they've played games with me (but it will be the last) so this looks like it's a company policy.

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