Radisson Suites is great deal! A review of Hilton Boca Raton Suites

Stayed at Radisson Suites 4/23/04 thru 04/26/04.

Luckily had a group rate for a wedding; so price was VERY reasonable. Several family members rented rooms as well. This is a clean, modern hotel.

Having a suite is nice so if one wants to stay up & watch TV while the other sleeps, it's convenient. We were also able to have a mini after -wedding get together in my sister-inlaw's suite, the following morning. Breakfast is FREE with hot,cooked- to order omlets, eggs any style, pancakes. hash browns, bacon and sausage. etc. Wide array of fresh fruit, yogurts, cereals, fresh coffee - you get a whole carafe, bagels, muffins. toast and juices. It's buffet style and the short order chef was very pleasant and FAST. Yes you can make a tray and bring it up to dine in your room if you like. This would cost at least $10 min. at another hotel. If you a family of four, this a BIG savings, when considering hotel cost. NO MEAL OTHER THAN BREAKFAST IS SERVED, NOR CAN YOU PURCHASE LUNCH OR DINNER. You must go elsewhere for that. Cocktail hour from 5;30 to 730PM is also FREE!! Liquor is not bottom shelf either. the vodka was Smirnoff, which is decent. Chex mix is served as munchies.

You can sit at the bar or have waitress service at a table. Service was quick & friendly; not slow & begrudging because its free. For those who enjoy their after swim cocktails this is another BIG savings!! HOWEVER this is the ONLY time the bar is open. There is a lounge/ nightclub next door, but its EXPENSIVE!

You can make a quick walk to the corner gas station/ mini-mart. if needed. for quick snackfood, beer & soda or a pre-wrapped sandwich if you're absolutely starving.

The swimming pool, though not overly large, was clean, well-maintained and never crowded. There were plenty of lounge chairs, chairs and tables and lots of fresh towels. There was also a hot tub, clean, never crowded. You'll find a soda machine here and restrooms as well.

The rooms, were not very big, but it is a suite after all, with a door that separates the bedroom from the living room. Good, if you have another guest sleeping on the couch in the LR; your sleeping quarters are each separate and private. The room decor color schemes wre strangely done in autumn colors: gold, olive green and burnt orange. not the bright sunny colors you'd expect in Florida. Rather disappointing, but hardly tragic. Each of the five rooms we rented had a small veranda with a chair & small table. This was nice, plus we were able to dry our swimsuits, by laying them on the chair in the warm sun.

The help was always pleasant and couteous and the Mgr. permitted us to stay in one of our rooms for two hours past checkout, since we had an evening flight. The fellow at the information desk during the day was not very knowlegeable, nor was he able to offer suggestions regarding local events i.e. flea market/craft/ farners market . nearby; seafod festival, film festival nearby- he didn't even mention these. Get the City link newspaper (free, but not available at the hotel and check this out for yourelf. Try the gas station for this paper.

All in all this was a great value with the freebies mentioned. You will have to go out for lunch and dinner. There's a Burger King nearby, but you nust have a car to get to it and just about everything else.. Aside from the gas stion, there's nothing else you can walk to, other than the pricey.

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