Radisson Not Worth It A review of Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort & Casino

I went to the Radisson Cable Beach Resort with my husband in May 2003 to attend a friend's wedding there. We purchased an all-inclusive package for four days expecting a fun, decent experience.Unfortunately, the resort did not live up to expectations. The number one complaint is the attitude of the resort staff. They were surly and seemingly bored all the time.Though we did not have great weather, we still spent most of our days on the beach, as did most other guests. Amazingly, the resort did not open the beach bar until late afternoon the entire time, citing inclement weather. Also, the beach restaurant was only open one day. I understand closing the bar and restaurant if no one is on the beach, but everybody was there!The restaraunts were all sub-par. The best is The Forge where you cook your meat at the table. It's fun and you can ensure you get the meal you want! The supposedly upscale "Amici" was overrun with a 20-person loud and obnoxious party while we were there who did not observe the dress code. It ruined the entire atmosphere.The maid service was good when they got to the room, but most of the time this didn't happen until after 3pm.In addition, the one place in the resort where you can dance was overrun with locals. There was no room to sit and enjoy a drink or dance.Needless to say, we won't be staying at the Radisson Cable Beach again. After that experience, I'm avoiding all Radisson hotels!

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