Radiators from hell while sharing the room with the nextdoor neighbors A review of Glacier Park Lodge

We were looking forward to seeing the breath taking foyer and the ambience of all the wood tree logs that went into building the great lodge.Our first day there was very pleasant. We thought we had a room in the lodge but found they placed us in the Garden Annex which was just as large. We came prepared with a fan and ear plugs after reading prior reviews. The grounds were wonderful although there were no nearby established hiking trails. The $5 all day mini-golf was one of the best things there. The cocktail lounge has a beautiful view of the mountains.The restaurant was very cozy and the breakfast buffet the best we had anywhere. The Red Bus Circle tour for 8.5 hours was stunning and the best part of our stay. The hotel room itself had 4 doors. One led to the outside deck, one was an entrance to the room. A third led to another room next door and the door did not quite fit right so you could hear everthing next door as an older couple were in that room and see their lights on. A fourth door led to another room with 2 or more children who talked all night and again there were spaces above and below the door that revealed the lights and noise from the adjoining rooms. Basically we had direct visual and auditory connections to 2 other rooms.The second night was straight from hell as at 2:15 AM it sounded like someone banging on the radiator pipes with a hammer even with the radiator turned off. It was impossible to sleep even with ear plugs and the fan on. We called the front desk and they said nothing could be done at night. We went tothe front desk in the morning and the manager told us that they knew of the problem but it was an old hotel and "nothing could be done". We found out the next day that everyone in the Annex had a miserable night with the banging of the pipes.The only person that could sleep had brought a special headset to block out noise.We cancelled our reservation for a charge of $30 to avoid another sleepless night at $165+$9 for the Blackfeet +$11 tax ie $185 a night for a room noone could sleep in. The bathroom is tiny with a tiny shower stall and stingy shower head. We heard it was charming with ambience. Well it is charmingly OBSOLETE. They could put in electric heat as the room was full of pipes with plumbing for the fire sprinklers and do away with the radiators.The heated swimming pool is aged with missing tile around the edge and could be warmer.They could have insulated tight fitting doors to assure privacy.We gave up our third night to spend a wonderful night at the Hampton Inn in Kalispell. The Park is beautiful but this Lodge is one Aging Grand Damme in need of renovation to make it habitable. Don't go there on your honeymoon unless you want to share it with people in 2 other rooms.The noise problem is when it gets cold and they have to use the radiators - as if they never heard of bleeding out the air or changing the system if it can't be fixed.The secret here is to visit the lodge during the day and evening but sleep elsewhere.

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