Quite dissapointed A review of Kirketon Hotel Sydney - by 8Hotels

I was very dissapointed in the Kirketon. First of all I felt very uncomfortable in the room (I had a single room with a double bed) since there was no real chair to sit on, and the bed was not the best. The tv was so high that I had to lie on my back to watch it, or else I would hurt my neck.

Also, the blanket was aweful. Its some sort of synthetic think that didn't keep me very warm (and this was in April)

In terms of facilities, forget it, it has none. No room service, in fact, no restaurant of any kind, unless you count Salt which is attached, but not really a part of the hotel, so there is no breakfast.

The location is great if you want to be part of the very "in" crowd that frequent the cafes of Victoria St. Its also a short walking distance to Kings Cross train station.

If you want to eat a good breakfast, the cafe accross the street (some french name I forget) is great.

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Kirketon Hotel Sydney - by 8Hotels
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