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After a lot of research we chose the Kirketon as one of the supposedly leading "design boutiques" in Sydney.

The rooms were very small and in inexcusably poor condition. The carpet was badly stained, the bathroom tile stained, the paint chipped, and the air musty. The TV was hung from the ceiling on a mount such as usually seen in budget hotels. Our "superior" room (which we had originally booked at A$275. though the management dropped the rate to A$200 after we complained about the room) faced a brick wall 5 feet away and was almost completely bereft of furniture. (The large walk-in closet was a nice touch, admittedly.) And the service was quite disappointing as well. We only received bath towels (no washcloths or hand towesl) and sometimes only one to boot. The product (shampoo/conditioner) was generic, and never replenished during our stay. The cleaning was inadequate (we visited the beach on day 1 of an 8-day stay and the sand remained in the shower for the rest of the trip). The reception desk was friendly but generally not helpful -- and as there was no concierge, and usually only one person on duty, getting answers to any questions took quite a while.

The public spaces in the hotel were nicer than our room, and the bar (Fix) quite nice.

Even at A$200 we felt like we overpaid significantly. This was by far the worst hotel we stayed in during 3 weeks in Australia.

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Kirketon Hotel Sydney - by 8Hotels
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