Quite a place! A review of The Omni Homestead Resort

The Homestead is a famous resort in western Virginia. It is expensive in one way of looking at it, but if you factor in the value of the meals and if you take advantage of some of their special rates (such as package deals, seasonal rates, etc.) plus the included amenities it becomes at least a little more realistic. The Homestead uses the Modified American Plan, meaning that breakfast AND dinner is included in the price. This includes room service, and room service can be from any open dining room menu as well as the regular room service menu.

And meals at The Homestead are **MEALS** I mean cuisine as good as anywhere and tons of choices. You probably will not have eaten like that over several days before in your life, so just leave your Weight Watchers stuff behind.

The setting is pretty, the amenities plentiful and the staff incredibly courteous and professional. This is a world-class operation.

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