Quality was M.I.A. A review of Miami International Airport Hotel

Unless the hotel has undergone MAJOR renovation, avoid it like the plague. There is only one reason to stay here: a 5 AM flight. At check-in, make sure that you have printed a copy of your confirmation WITH RATE or the front desk may try to double your rate. The decor is 20th century garage sale with peeling wallpaper accenting the torn bedding. If your lights work, then you'll be amazed at the patterns of the mildew growing on your tub and tile, facilitated by the heat since your A/C might be on the fritz again. One positive is the roof-top pool, spa, and sauna with his/her changing areas. The spa looked like it hadnt been cleaned since Ponce de Leon's last visit. The restaurant cuisine was just this side of prison food and room service would be timely to Rip Van Winkle. Better yet, sleep in the lounge chairs at the airport gate for the 5 AM flight: you'll save a ton, get just as good of night's sleep, and have access to better food.

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