Putting on the Ritz A review of InterContinental Suites Hotel Cleveland

Readers may not be familiar with the 1930's song "Putting on the Ritz", but it's a great song that pretty much invokes the Art Deco Style of the '20's and '30's. The decor of the Intercontinental Suites Hotel Cleveland does the same thing. I've never understood why anyone would want to steal towels from a hotel, but, while staying at ISHC, be it only for one night, I was racking my brain trying to think of how I could make off with the furniture in the bedroom and sitting room without being noticed. (Alas, I couldn't come up with a feasible plan.) Whoever chose the furniture, light fixtures, objets d'art, etc., for this hotel is to be comended. The carpeting could be improved on, however. Bonus: the windows opened, but just a bit, but that's more than can be expected in many hotels.

Check-in time was 3:00 and we arrived at 3:30 and went to the dining room at 4:00. We were the only people in the dining room and we ordered a pizza, then, waited, and waited, and waited. We were told by the dining room manager that the cook had forgotten to put the pizza in the oven, thus the delay, and, therefore, our dinner was on the house as well as dessert and any after dinner drink that we wished to have. We declined the "extras" but were glad that we did not have to pay for the pizza, as it wasn't very good.

Taking no notice of the name of this hotel--Intercontinental SUITES [all of the rooms have suites]--we were pleasantly surprised to find a sitting room, a kitchenette, and a sink area separate from the bathroom, in addition to the bedroom with its very comfy mattress. Both sitting room and bedroom have TV's for those who like TV.

Breakfast was included in the price of our room and the breakfast buffet was tasty, but quite limited for us (as was the dinner menu) since we don't eat meat. The sausages sure looked great, though!!

The staff were [was?] friendly, helpful, and seemed to enjoy their job, the latter of which I find important.

Limited shuttle service is available to the various attractions, including the museums (the Cleveland Art Museum is a MUST-SEE, but, now, not until late summer of 2006, as its galleries are under construction ).

All-in-all, I recommend this hotel very highly and cannot wait until I can find a reason to return to Cleveland and stay at Intercontinental Suites.

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