Pure Bliss! A review of andBeyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

Stayed at Ngorongoro Crater Lodge on our last night in Tanzania. It was the absolute best! We were staying at different places each night to try the different lodges and camps...and of course, a different "feel" for each place. From the pictures I thought it would be so gaudy and out of place in Africa. But once you've stepped into the gates of Crater Lodge..you enter a different world. The service is super polished. The amenities are complete. The furnishings all with local flavors but top-notch. Attention to details is very important to me and this one delivers.

We had buffaloes grazing right outside my room and the multiple speakeasy on every wall gave me a different view of Ngorongoro. They even have a discreet wooden snackbox by the fireplace which I thought was just a plain wooden box. Lo and behold...it contained freshly baked lemon cookies, english toffee and turkish delight! Our butler was non-stop in treatment. We requested for our clothes to be laundered right after we arrived (3 pm) and for possible delivery by 7 am the next day at the latest. He was done by 7 pm that same night (23 pieces of clothing soiled from our entire week in Tanzania)! Then of course there was the non-stop snacks in the main hall while reading other guests' transcripts and dinner by the fire in our room.

The lodge setting was very natural and the views were jaw-dropping! Just to see the mist of the crater lift in the morning to show the huge caldera awaiting exploration below. This one is definitely worth the bucks..even for at least a night. You have to experience Crater Lodge..not to be missed.

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