Proceed With Caution A review of Grand Hotel & Spa

The Grand Hotel has the potential to be a quality property, however they are some major problems that need to be addressed before I would ever stay here again.

The front desk staff is very polite, except for the managers themselves. The property is gorgeous, the rooms are spacious and it is very nice having the balcony,microwave and refrigerator. Now the negative-

This hotel does not accept your debit card for payment. Apparently "their system inadvertanly double charges debit cards." Interesting-Could it be that they just do not want to accept debit cards? The hospitatlity business is about convenience to the guest,not what is convenient for the hotel.

Go with a major credit card or cash-the preferred method because there isn't any way to dispute charges or get your money back if you are not satisfied.

There is absolutley NO soundproofing at this property. If you are staying in a room with someone above you, you will hear their sliding glass door EVERY time they open and close it. It sounds like rumbling thunder and it will wake you from a sound sleep. You will also hear the bathroom activity of your neighbors throughout your stay. If you do not need an adjoining room,insist on being put in a room without the connecting door otherwise it wil be as if the other family is in your room with you.

The sheets do not fit the beds, so if you are a restless sleeper plan on waking up entwined in your sheets and mattress pad with your head resting on your bare mattress.

Housekeeping is so-so. I could tell that the bathroom was not cleaned and the floor was not vacuumed.

During our stay the fire alarm went off in the middle of the night. This apparently is a problem for this hotel ,as other guests that we were standing with said that the same thing happened two nights earlier.

If you can get a good rate and are staying for just a few nights I would say go for it, but by all means do not spend $200.00 for what would surely be a waste of your hard earned vacation dollars. The Holiday Inn on 17th is beautiful and well maintained and provides first class service for around the same on season price.

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