Princess staff invade guest privacy A review of Princess Bayside Beach Hotel

The Princess Bayside Resort Hotel takes advantage of it's young guests. Myself, being seventeen, was staying with two other eighteen year old girls and two other seventeen year old girls. All we wanted was to relax on the beach for a few days after graduation. Well, on the second to last day of our stay we were woken up at ten in the morning by the Head of House keeping, insisting that she be let in the room. /since we did not get there fast enough for her taste she opened the door herself. Some of us were not decent yet, but that did not seem to matter. She demanded to know if we had any alcohol. When we said we did not, she searched the room!!!!! Then she told us to clean up our room because our mess was "not acceptable." (Well, yeah if you refuse to take out trash or vacuum the sandy carpet!!!) Then to my horror, she brought us trash bags and told us to empty out own trash cans!!!!

The thing you have to understand about this is that they had no reason to do this! We had not made a lot of noise, been seen acting suspiciously or done any damage to the room. When I confronted the manager and the general manager, they were rude and unapologetic. They said that they did it because we were not the legal drinking age. (I would see how that was a problem if we had been drinking.) Also, they said that they were particularly searching rooms with do not disturb signs out.(Now I don't understand the purpose of the sign.)

The main point is that they treat young people badly, invade their privacy and show no iota of respect to their underaged guests.

~Underaged but sober in Ocean City

The guest stayed during the week referred to as "Senior Week" in our area, a week in which high school graduates come to Ocean City. For the safety and comfort of all guests we did monitor rooms in order to prevent any underage drinking on our property. Our Security staff enforces the legal drinking age on the premises.

It is our wish to provide the best in customer service and satisfaction to our guests. In order to do so we must monitor all rooms for cleanliness and enforce the law for the well being of all of our guests.

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