Primm Valley 09/15/2003-Average A review of Primm Valley Resort & Casino

Positives 1-Cheap Room 2-Monorail to the other casinos 3-Had good luck on nickel the slots.

4-Coffee Shop food was excellent 5-Air Conditioning was cold and strong in room.

6-No crowd and closer than vegas.

Negatives 1-Long walk from room to casino.

2-Food at Buffalo Bill breakfast buffet was luke warm.

3-$5 minimun blackjack and craps despite an empty casino.

had a decent experinece here for one night on the way to las Vegas. The walk to the rooms was very long. The Luke warm Buffet really was a let down. The drinks were coming really fast with a $1 tip but service disappeared during a shift change. It took about 20 minutes to get a guy over to the slots a Whiskey petes when the machne jammed.

I really love an empty casino and all three were like ghost towns on monday.

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