Pretty shabby A review of Hotel Hermosa

I really liked the (free) breakfasts at Hotel Hermosa - cereal, bagels, donuts and good coffee. The problem was that I had to eat them with plastic cutlery off plastic plates, and share the breakfast room with (a) a huge, blaring television, (b) people who could not be bothered to put on shoes to come to breakfast (although they could be bothered to put on their baseball caps) (c) guys who stood in front of the television while eating their cereal and (d) small-time NY businessmen making loud cell-phone calls about all the "great opportunities out here". Other downsides to the place: shabby décor, indifferent staff, poor service (we had pre-ordered a crib which was not in our room when we arrived off a late flight; the only one the night staff could find was partly broken and smelled of cigarette smoke); paper thin walls (if what you're after is a place to get an uninterrupted night's sleep, forget it); bath towels the size and thickness of handkerchiefs, and, as another reviewer has commented, not enough of them. We ordered a very grand sounding "suite". I guess it was called that because you have to walk up a spiral staircase to get to your bedroom, and there was some lounge furniture in the downstairs bit. But it still felt like a very ordinary hotel room. Plus points: it is pretty close to the airport, you can see the sea from a lot of rooms and the bed was comfortable. It is a good, pleasant 20 minute walk to the beach - up and down some pretty steep hills - if you like that sort of thing. The walking appealed to us as we were stopping over in the middle of a long flight between London and NZ. Otherwise, the beach is a short taxi ride away. Although the hotel does have a pool, it is small and in a location that you would not want to spend much time at - sort of out the side of the hotel, with a busy road on one side - how do they manage to make these things look so appealing in the photographs. Finally, I see that reference to rooms with "kitchenettes" has disappeared from their web site, although it is still on the board in the lobby. Having booked a room which was advertised as having a kitchenette - because we wanted to be able to heat up food for our baby - it was pretty disappointing to be told that there was no such thing.

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