Positives and negatives A review of Pan Pacific Seattle

First, I want to recognize 2 outstanding staff members--Joseph-the night manager & Bethany-the day time front desk clerk. If there was an award that could be given for excellent customer service, those 2 would definitely win it without a doubt. I highly recommend introducing yourself to both of them, if possible, so be sure to enjoy their excellent/out of the ordinary customer service.

Overall, my husband & I did enjoy our stay at this new hotel! It 's so new (opened 11/06) that I want you all to really know that there are still some things not entirely set up. Ex. their beauty salon & restaurant. Those 2 items not even being set up were very very upsetting to us. They should have it posted on their website when certain things open instead of making you just assume that they are when you make the reservation.

Tip: Call the hotel 1st before booking it to find out what exactly's operating as of that moment.

We walked into the city to do some shopping & loved the suggestions Bethany & Joseph gave us in ref. as to where exactly to go. A concierge wasn't ever needed. We actually were never even "assigned" a concierge. I was quite disappointed that the entire staff wasn't as customer servicey/friendly as Joseph and Bethany were though. Every time my husband & I would need to call the front desk for anything, Joseph or Bethany would be sure to say "hello Mrs. __(my last name)__ how can I help you today?" not just "hello-how may I help you?. I'm sure the front desk's caller ID SAYS the name of who's calling. Heck, when I called the Pan Pacific from MD at 5:30am from the airport to explain that my plane had been canceled Joseph greeted me by name. Doing that made me feel REALLY good and gave me an EXCELLENT FIRST IMPRESSION. I truly tried to speak to everyone at the front desk that worked there since we stayed for a such a long while--5 nights. I will say this, the bellhops & doormen impressed both me & my husband very much by being very attentive & kind.

Since our morning flight from MD to Seattle was canceled due to weather, we didn't even get to arrive at the hotel until after midnight. : ( That being the case, Joseph went out of his way to get us a gourmet pizza & have it delivered to our room. The pizza was on beautiful China & even though it was "just pizza" Joseph made it so that my husband and I felt like we were eating at a luxury restaurant. I'll NEVER forget that dinner now. First impressions are truly lasting impressions. Problem was that after that one time, no one else but Bethany even gave us such AMAZING service. After being in customer service myself for over 20 yrs I must say that their other staff members need to take customer service 101 again. Either that or have Joseph & Bethany train them.

We were on the 10th floor of the hotel(out of 11) & we were actually able to see a far away view of the Space Needle from our room. We liked that very much. There was also a small, but yet pretty, park that we could see right outside of the hotel. That, too, we enjoyed. My husband & I were celebrating our 10th anniversary as well as my b-day so I was really hoping that this particular hotel would sweep him off his feet. NOT!!!!! Our deluxe queen room was kindly upgraded to a King Suite & was I ever so wrong to become excited about that!!! The room was a bit cramped due to the king sized bed and the HUGE bathroom. My husband was very disappointed in the room size since it was a very "choppy" design in his eyes. (the hotel's shaped somewhat like an octagon/circle & we were in the "corner" room)

*******Hopefully the mgr/owner of the Pan Pacific in Seattle will read this review. You all should know that your hotel guests should be offered an optional empty refrigerator instead of just a mini bar full of mainly alcoholic beverages since not everyone drinks alcohol or thinks it's fair to pay 2+ dollars for a soda. What if your guest's a diabetic and needs their insulin refrigerated or the person just needs their prescription meds refrigerated & neither of them feels comfortable about having their meds put into someone else's hands? Did you all ever even think of that? Also, not everyone wants to go out to dinner EVERY night or pay for room service esp. if you're staying for more than 2 nights. The expensive town of Seattle is bad enough on the wallet. *********

The gourmet grocery store downstairs (in the same building as the hotel) is absolutely amazing and we really wanted to bring up some perishable items but couldn't because of NO EMPTY REFRIGERATOR. UGH!!!!!!!! How frustrating!!!!! Many times I needed to have ice water to take my evening medicine or my husband would just want ice water to wake up to (ice is highly needed in our family--lol) and so we would have to call the front desk first, ask them to stop what they are doing, take the elevator up to our room, give us ice and it would all take like 5-10 min. I was expecting a lot more from a 4.0 star hotel. Like I said once before, they do have a mini bar under the 32" plasma TV you get in the room but there's no extra room in there to put ANY additional items.

The TV was incredible and the mattress was amazingly comfortable! The room was very very clean(the housekeepers even folded our dirty clothes that we left out accidentally and tidied up/organized our bathroom toiletries)

Here comes my negative comment:::We got the room ½ off the regular price due to their grand opening special but I would not pay any more than that until AFTER they've completely gotten ALL of their amenities underway and made some true staff improvements.

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