Posh hotel, responsive staff, change to Intercontinental was great. A review of InterContinental Hotel Tampa

Last year, when I stayed at this hotel it was the Wyndam Westshore, and I wasn't overly impressed.

Since then they have changed names and remodelled the hotel.

The new decor and furnishings are lovely, a 300% improvement.

The rooms have large flat screen TVs and wireless internet. The wireless was a bit spotty though. It stopped working sometime around 7:30 PM, and was not yet working the next morning.

The staff was very responsive to the issues I had. My first room had a closet light fixture that was buzzing very loudly. They moved me to a new room. I enjoyed the new room for a few hours until I discovered the internet did not work there, but did if I walked down the hall. They moved me again, and sent up a bottle of wine and fruit and cheese plate to make it up to me.

The bed was quite cushy and soft.

Everything was spotlessly clean.

Hopefully they get thier wireless internet issues fixed soon, as this could be a big problem for business people who absolutely must have working internet.

A note about the previous reviews: check to see when bad reviews were written. If they were before the late summer 2007, they are reviewing the hotel before the switch to Intercontinental.

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