Poor service A review of Hilton Morumbi Sao Paulo

Beatifull hotel, great gym, good food. I'm a Hilton Honors Platinum member and I always try to stay on Hiltons when traveling overseas. But this one is a Hilton with a twist! After checking in I requested a room that didn't have a glass window between the bathroom and the room (yes, that's right - no privacy, the bathroom is like a fish-bowl) and since I was staying with my teenager daughters I didn't think that would work... Anyway, took me a whole day, ten phone calls and a lot of pressure to finally get a room with privacy. The staff wasn't helpful at all and sometimes even nasty.

Like the hostess to the executive room after asking my daughter for her information during breakfast because she had to pay for it (Platinum members have free breakfast for two). And being very combative when I told her that she was mistaken..."I don't think so!" she said on a nasty tone. After I talked to the manager, she apologized for the mistake. At check out, I was charged for an extra parking night, by mistake, once more.

I felt like the hotel was trying very hard to make an extra buck on me but not willing to provide a decent service.

About the location, after the increase of violence in Sao Paulo, this hotel is in a very dangerous area surrounded by slums. After 9PM and over the weekends it's not safe to drive around on that part of the city.

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