Poor service and poor quality A review of O'Callaghan Hotel Annapolis

On a recent visit to Annapolis I found the service and quality poor. The staff was very abrupt and clearly agitated when questioned concerning siteseeing events and other services that a normal concierge would provide. Since the hotel does not have any snack vending machines on the premises I elected to pay $8 for a slice of cake that tasted like it had been sitting in the refrigerator for weeks. When I advised the employee the next day concerning the cake I was ignored as though my comment was not valid.

Upon arrival my room had only one wash cloth, the curtains and tie backs were torn, and the bed coverlette was nasty smelling. The room was dusty and had residues of previous tenants left in various places. When the smoke detector alarm went off in my room and I smelled a burnt wire smell I called the front desk and was dismissed that the alarm probably needed a battery. When the assistant came to inspect the smoke detector he clearly smelled the burning smell as well.

On another occasion I went into the restaurant and requested a cheeseburger that was priced at $9. The same employee that ignored my concerns about the cake was too eager to bring the sandwich to my room. Since there were only two diners in the room I had advised him that he could bring the sandwich if he wanted to my room. When I offered to pay in advance I was presented with a tab for over $17 for the cheeseburger because it was considered room service. I informed the waiter that I would wait for my $9 cheeseburger and transport it to the room myself for $8 cheaper.

Understandably the hotel is not the "Four Seasons" and I did not expect imported Irish linen however when a service amenity is offered for example shuttle service then the shuttle van should be running. Since I have lived in europe and traveled most of my adult life my expectations are that the hotel should be clean and the staff should be hospitable. Unfortunately, I did not find either at this hotel that aligns itself with european tradition.

Subsequently, I will view this unfortunate experience as a learning experience and I will never stay at O'Callaghan Hotels again. I strongly recommend that your organization strive to improve your overall quality in product and service delivery.

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