Poor management, misleading reservation information A review of Anchorage Marriott Downtown

I booked 3 rooms for my family at this hotel on April 3, 2006 for a stay from June 2 til June 4, 2006. At the time I booked, the Marriott reservations website indicated that the only rooms available were at the concierge level. The rate was $279 per night per room. Upon check-in we were told at the front desk that we would have 2 rooms on 1 floor and 1 room on the next floor (19 & 20 as I recall.) Both floors were considered the concierge level. As such, they were to provide access to the concierge lounge, which was to serve light breakfast and snacks in the early evening. The front desk advised us upon check-in that the concierge lounge was open and that we should feel free to use our card key to access it at any time. When we arrived in our rooms and unpacked, we went to the concierge lounge, only to find it locked. We asked a staff member who happened to be in the hallway outside when it would open, and after calling downstairs, the staff member told us it would open at 5:30 pm. We noted a plastic sign permanently mounted on the wall next to the door that indicated that the lounge was closed on weekends, but the staff member assured us that the sign was incorrect. At approximately 6:00, seeing that the lounge was still closed, we again called the front desk. The young lady there said it should be open and that she would check. When she returned to the phone, she said it would not be open on weekends. We then spoke with the front desk manager, the highest ranking management team member on site at the time, and were told that the concierge lounge was never open on weekends. He was sorry we were misled by the website and by the front desk at check-in, but there was nothing he would do about it. He finally offered a free in-rooom movie as compensation. After much negotiation, he agreed to discount the room rate to $259. When we checked out, the adjustment turned out to be only $10, to $269 per night. We felt cheated, since the only rooms that had been available to us when we reserved 2 months in advance were concierge floor rooms. The rate was the same $279 whether the concierge lounge was open or not. In Hyatt, Hilton, and other Marriott hotels when the concierge lounge is closed (usually when the hotel is very empty) breakfast certificates are offered. In this case, the hotel was full of busloads of cruise tour guests, and no breakfast certificates were given. As I checked out, I overheard another guest saying that although the concierge lounge was closed, they did appreciate the free breakfast they were given in the restaurant. Obviously, it depends on how loud you yell and who you yell at. We plan to return to Alaska, but will not stay at this hotel again.

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