Please avoid- there are many better options! A review of Kingsley House Bed and Breakfast Inn

Please, please avoid this place! The property is represented as secluded- the house sits "immediately" on a main street/artery- the house is merely 10-20 feet from the curb. If you don't get a jacuzzi room, all you will have is a small shower stall and toilet built into an old closet- I check out the other rooms and all the nonjacuzzi rooms had this set up.

We had the granny smith room- as I mentioned above- the "private" bathroom was just a shower stall and toilet installed in a small closet. You actually have to open the bathroom door to get in and out of the shower. So you have to be pretty intimate with your travel mate since your naked bum will be sticking out of the bathroom every time you get in and out of the shower.

Our room was under the suite up in the turret- and there was an air conditioning unit over our room that dripped water down onto our window sill all night- imagine trying to sleep and all night hearing "drip, drip, drip"- like chinese water torture. At first Dave (the owner) did was shrug- that's his response to any problems you encounter. The 2nd nite he put a towel on our windowsill to absorb the dripping so we wouldn't hear it- but the towel got soaked and then slipped off the window so again all we heard all nite was drip, drip, drip.

And the so called "yummy" breakfasts- ugh!! The first morning was soggy french bread french toast. The second morning was this nasty version of "huevos rancheros" which consisted of nacho chips with salsa and cheese and a soft boiled egg on it. The third morning was soggy banana bread french toast which was so awful I actually had to spit it into my napkin. Not that I wanted to eat more of it- but Dave put outs very skimpy portions- one item per person. We were the last ones down for breakfast the 3rd morning, and there were 2 plates, 2 pieces of banana bread french toast, 2 servings of sausage links. So in the rare event you like the food, you won't eat too much of it.

The website and brochure advertise seasonal drinks and treats on the porch- lemonade in the summer, cocoa in the winter, etc. The lemonade was only out 1 of the 3 days we were there- and it was so overly sweetened it was undrinkable. Parking is also tight, and parking and breakfast seating is first come, first served.

It took 15-20 minutes to get to saugatuck. there are so many other, better places to stay in the area- don't be "charmed" by this place- it does not deserve it!!

The following are truthful statements from the management of the property:

The Inn's front door is over 100 feet from the curb of a two-lane county roadway (not a major artery) in a small countryside town. All rooms have their own private baths, most of which were existing bathrooms, not closets, when the Inn was built. The accommodations of the room the guest talks of is 16 feet by 18 feet and contains a California King size bed and a very large window seat, much more ample in size than many common hotel/motel rooms.

Breakfasts are homemade and gourmet, of which these particular guests finished every bite each morning. It is an extensive buffet in the summertime and the entrée on the dates these guests stayed were Honey-Glazed Pecan French Toast, Quevos Rancheros and Banana Streusel French Toast with Amaretto Sauce. I have never in my years of Innkeeping ever had any other guests complain about lack of food as it is always very ample. Most guests tell me they do not eat lunch after the extensive breakfast at the Inn.

The Inn is located 5 miles from Lake Michigan and 8 miles from Saugatuck. It does not take more than 10 minutes to drive to either of these locations. The parking lot of the Inn has 9 well-marked parking spots off the street and behind the Inn. There is not an issue with "tight" parking.

As is evident from the other reviews posted here, we do everything possible at the Kingsley House to make our guests stay welcome, pleasant and memorable.

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