Pleasant Hotel on Fringe of Tourist Area A review of Hotel Terminus Prague

We just returned from a 4 night stay at the Tulip Inn. The hotel is quirky. The rooms were spacious and well appointed. But there are no tissues in the bathrooms and the complimentary teas and coffee come with sugar but no cream. The breakfast buffet had a nice assortment of hot and cold items. There is a nice little convenience store next door to purchase bottled water, sodas & snacks without having to pay the mini-bar rates. The hotel's location is good if you like to walk and can walk without assistance. It is not a good place for the elderly unless you are willing to take taxis. My mother had to meet us at various pre-arranged tourist spots as it is difficult for her to walk.

The hotel has a pre-arranged taxi service but the prices are double from what you'd pay if you just hail a taxi outdoors. (Make sure you set the taxi fare in advance ccause the Prague taxi drivers are notorious scoundrels.) Over all, you get a clean & spacious room with good & friendly service but it is not in the heart of the tourist area and the hotel is not for those of you who need or prefer that proximity. P.S.- The nearby Hybernia Cafe has a lovely bistro downstairs and a nice steakhouse upstairs. Nice places to eat when you want something close to the hotel.

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