Pioneer Luxury Property in Seriously Run-down Area A review of The Atlantic Resort & Spa

This seems like a very beautiful, luxury hotel property, but be aware of one important fact. It is the first new development in an extremely tacky, run-down beach area. You will be staying in the midst of derelict motels. In the future there is supposed to be a W Hotel and other high-end projects built in the area, but at present the Atlantic stands all by itself. The beach is across the highway from the hotel and needs work also. If you don't mind hanging around at this small hotel for your entire stay and looking out at the ocean or hopping into you car and driving at least a half-mile to a mile to reach anywhere else worthwhile, then you might enjoy staying here. But if being surrounded by beautiful landscaping and scenery in an upscale resort location with shops and cafes at your fingertips is what you're looking for, you will be miserable here. If the rates reflected the neighborhood, they would be have to be quite reasonable, but I'm sure the owners have invested too much money to make that possble. Also, shame on Starwood for marketing it as a luxury destination--luxury must extend beyond the front door of the hotel!

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