Perhaps we are fussier A review of Playa Conchas Chinas

Maybe I am fussier than the others, but I do not

think this hotel deserves such good reviews as previously given (one of the reasons for staying there). First, the good points:

1) location - great. Close enough to town that cost and time

involved to get there is very low (30 pesos). Also very pretty setting with the rocks and the jungle behind.

2) room size - good with kitchenette and jacuzzi bath on the


3) general appearance as viewed from sea - very good, with large suites looking great.

Bad points:1) air conditioning unit - like a truck in the room. Just

impossible to have on while in the room.

2) kitchenette - all the items were horrible. Frying pan that needed throwing out years ago and one huge pot.

3) service - I do not like being in a hotel where the staff tell me that taxis are a price about 10% higher than quoted on their own list - we were told that this list was 3 years old and prices had gone up. Going back from the Westin, their porters told me that the prices still applied and the taxi driver only asked for that amount. A hotel should be supporting its guests not taxi drivers. The senior staff member then replied on our questioning of this, that the lower price was sometimes still available.

4) bathroom - stinks, generally pretty yuck with exception of pretty sink. Wardrobe in bathroom is a recipe for smelly clothes.

5) breakfast - at Lindo Mar resor next door, the awful experience of listening to crap from time share salesmen all around you.

Summary of value($79 per night + taxes) -the hotel is not

expensive. We checked out Casa Iguana and the Intercontinental.

Casa Iguana has a less convenient location and certainly not as pretty, but being newer its condition is better. Same make of air con unit (York) - must be the worst in the world, newer, so not as loud but still quiet is not the word. Casa Iguana is cheaper ($50) and better value for room but probably equates if you prefer closer location which Conchas Chinas offers. The Intercontinental ($225) has a lovely beach - available to public but get to it through the condo block next door, really quiet -

no hawkers! But what a rip off this hotel is- we checked the

room. Much better air con than Conchas Chinas but pool and

restaurant out of order care of hurricane and lamp shade had 5 burns in it compared to 1 at CC.

Overall CC needs renovating (not touched for 20 years with

Ownership changed 10 years ago.)

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