Perfection - except perhaps when it rains A review of Tiamo

Just got back from Tiamo (late July 2004) and had to write this review while the wonderful experience was still fresh in my mind. First, I would recommend splurging for the seaplane arrival with Safari Seaplanes. Captain Paul Harding was reliable and punctual and gave us a great ride....right up to the Tiamo beach. And what a beautiful beach - white sand, crystal clear calm warm water - perfect for landlubbers who are not completely comfortable in the ocean. They have all the usual aquatic activities (kayak, fishing, sail, snorkel, etc.), but it is the peace that the resort exudes that won us over. Perfect place to unwind, relax, read or simply do nothing. Our only exercise was a guided hike through the island's interesting topography. The bungalows are large and the king size beds are extremely comfortable. The fan was more than sufficient to keep us cool at night for easy sleeping (if you must have air conditioning, this place is not for you). The food was delicious, varied (lamb, chicken and fish for dinner) and the portions just right. There's an eclectic wine list and a well stocked bar (drinks are extra, but the prices are fair). The staff is helpful, friendly and eager to please. Breakfast and lunch are served at individual tables whenever you get up or hungry (within 2 hours time periods), while dinner is at a communal table around 7:30. The resort no doubt draws an interesting mix of guests and we enjoyed the company of tablemates. Owners Mike and Petagay are interesting people and we were sorry that they did not join us for dinner more often (Mike joined us once), but they are available during the day to answer questions or simply chat. Their eco-friendly policies are sound, both environmentally and financially. Fascinating stuff. All in all, a highly recommended destination. Perfection - except perhaps when it rains. Unfortunately, no one has yet found an environmentally responsible way to deal with mosquitos and, yes, you will get bitten often. Bring bug juice and long pants and sleeves if you want to reduce the itching. Or simply go in the dry season. Hey, what did you expect? Paradise? Tiamo comes close.

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