Perfect for a Romantic Honeymoon A review of Le Taha'a Island Resort & Spa

After spending a night in Tahiti and a week in Moorea, we had adjusted to the more relaxed FP pace. After spending a week at Le Taha'a I was so relaxed I didn't want to go back to NY. First I have to reccommed that you stay in the Overwater Bungalow. Well worth it. The bed faces a wall length picture window that looks out on the most spectacular water view. At the base of your bed is an open bottom glass "trunk" which you can open and feed the fish below your bungalow. You have your own very private deck with dining table, lounges and yes, you can snorkel right off of the steps on your deck. As far as night life, we were on our honeymoon, so we had no desire to go to a resort with a single's bar. For breakfast, we would order room-service of a basket of pastries/breads and eat outside on the covered part of the deck. It was enough for 2 people. In fact we ended up having room service for breakfast and lunch most of the week. The service was great! And we could lounge around and eat at our own pace. I thought the food was very good at the restaurants. There is a "fine dining" restaurant that is inside and was delicious. We ate there 2 nights, but actually preferred the outdoor tree hut restaurant. The food was great and the atmosphere beautiful. Great place to go if you love Sashimi! The fire show was also fun and the buffet there was very good as well. Again, lots of tuna sashimi. If you want to go off the island for food Chez Louise is a fun experience. VERY Casual, but island authentic. Take a bunch of wooden tables and plastic chairs, dress them up a bit and put them in an open air room and you have yourself a restaurant...but....the food was good, the hostess charming and everone was feeding their leftovers to the fish off the dock by the end of the night....because they encourge it!

We went to the pool a few times and it was a pretty infinity pool, but we're not much for hanging around pools. I highly reccommend getting a dual massage at the spa. A wonderful open air experience as well. The TV channels are basically all French, but why pay this kind of money to watch TV. We took out a canoe and explored the island and walked around the outer parts. There's a small motu with only a hammock that's cute. Also, walk along the beach to the Bora Bora side of the island and watch the sunset over Bora Bora.. its beautiful. Again, this is the place for a romantic time. LOVED IT!

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