Peppermill Trip Report A review of Peppermill Resort Spa Casino

I've stayed at several hotel/casinos in both Reno and Las Vegas over the years. There's a lot of hype and claims made -- but few hotels live up to expectations.

The Peppermill experience started off on a good step right away -- with their airport-shuttle driver -- who offered helpful advice on check-in, shuttle schedule, and other details about the hotel.

Check-in was quick. The next big pleasant surprise was the room -- a spa suite, which was spacious, had a Jacuzzi right in the room, and a nice view. But it's the little things that impress: iron, ironing board; variety of toilitries; magnifying mirror, hair dryer, in-room stocked fridge, TV w/lots of channels, etc. The Jacuzzi was great. Shower also serves as a steam room. The best hotel room for the money. (Stay during the week for best rates; check their website for lots more info.) The elevator is lightning fast and puts you right in the lobby (the casino is down a long hallway (lined with slots machines) off the lobby area).

They have a neat heated pool w/ a huge mountain (replica) alongside. Also have a nice gift shop, hair salon, health spa, massage service, etc.

Many types and styles of restaurants -- all of them excellent. Everything from coffee shop (w/ great menu and prices) to a couple of elegant upscale types. Menus are HUGE. Asian food, Mexican, Italian -- you name it.

I mainly play high-limit ($5) slots, craps and blackjack. There are plenty of tables and the dealers were all good humored and experiences. The games move right along. Single-deck blackjack ($5)is common. There are tons of slot machines/video poker all over the place -- from 5 cents up. Cocktail waitresses come around pretty regularly. There are also several theme bars around the main floor. Nice sports and horse-racing area with lots of TVs showing the action.

The overall decor is colorful and stimulating -- lots of purple and exotic lighting. You'll get lost a few times at first until you identify some "landmark" on the casino floor to orient you as to where you are.

I guarantee you that you will have a great time at this place. I wouldn't bother writing this trip report if I wasn't so impressed with the value this place offers. These people know how to treat their guests. For instance, I was playing in the $5 slot area and the area host came up and asked me if I would like a shrimp cocktail. I expected a small cocktail cup with a few pieces of shrimp in it. They brought me a tray with 4 or 5 JUMBO shrimp (big as my arm, I swear) with a bowl of delicious seafood sauce, lemon slice, crackers, and a Pepsi) -- it was so huge that I had to cancel my dinner reservations.

I won a couple of sizable jackpots while playing the slots. The lower denomination slots didn't seem to pay so well -- but there were lots of players feeding the machines, so I assume they were hitting something -- if not the big jackpots -- to keep them playing.

If you want glitz and glamour, Vegas is probably your best "sightseeing" vacation (don't expect much for your dollar). If you want value, attentiveness to detail, obvious commitment to guest satisfaction in all aspects, and your money's worth in comfort, style, and entertainment -- then I urge you to try the Peppermill (I don't work for them -- this is my honest opinion based on my recent first-time experience staying there).

I had such a good time that I never left the casino during my recent visit. I'm going back there in December. It's my hotel/casino of choice when I want to visit Nevada to gamble and enjoy myself.

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