Paws up is two thumbs down A review of The Resort At Paws Up

I was with my best friend at Paws Up for 5 days; we stayed in Tent City. I cannot really say anything positive about our stay there. It is NOT like the brochure. The river is about 4 blocks away - so you are not near it unless you walk down a dusty ugly road. Tent City is on a dirt patch in the middle of nowhere. You would think they would have at least pitched the tents either 1) near the water or 2) near a pretty forested area. NO - it is on this patch of dirt with this very odd eating area under a plastic sheet. The bathrooms are really out in the open - you look at these trailers with bathrooms while you eat. I have no idea why they did not put these tents someplace with a view of something better than trailers. There were mice in the campground so you really had to be careful at night where you stepped. The tent butler is just a college kid who drives you up to the main area when you want to EAT or do something. He also re heats food for you if you choose to eat under the plastic area.

The tents are full of bugs. And there is no bug spray. And they ran out of water so we drank cola alot. We practically had to beg to get coffee and tea was out of the question (seriously). The river rafting was alright, but really the experience was, what did one writer call it a ghetto area, was so sad that we really just ended up waiting to get out of there. It is prettier in almost any state I have ever been in than in Greenboroughm MT. The food at the restaurant was pathetic and expensive. THe owner had her dog there and this rottweiler ran around bothering people and scaring kids. She told one little boy not go get too close to the dogs head! I am not kidding you this place is a zero. Also, the brochure says they own 80,000 acres, yet the tents are 10 feet away from one another. So you hear everyone all day and night. The 'maid' told us that there was a bear in tent city before we got there and he ripped the place up. Does this place sound safe to you? Exactly.

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The Resort At Paws Up
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