Past its prime in 2003 A review of Narrow Gauge Inn

The Narrow Gauge Inn in the spring of 2003 was a hotel that was past its prime and seemingly living off its reputation. Our room was clean (probably refurbished within the last 5-8 years), the mattress was comfortable and the in suite bathroom facilities were functional if not quiet. The walls and floors reflect the age of the stucture and are thin; noise transmits easily. We had a nice view looking over the other rooms into the forest. The outside structure could have used a fresh coat of paint in many places. Our last night (of three) entailed moving to a new room--we did not make the reservation early enough to stay through in one room. This room (#37) was next to a stairwell and shared part of a common wall with a walk-in cooler for the restaurant. The fan for the cooler kicked on at least threes times per hour, and more in the evening when the restaurant was in full swing. The noise was significant, but not quite deafening. The management informed us of the cooler at the time of reservation and implied that it was not a problem: "no one's ever complained, I've slept there myself." On checking out and expressing my displeasure, they did admit that they take reservations on this room only when all the others are booked. It should be avoided; it is noisy and costs the same as a the other rooms--it's not worth it. The pool and hotub were not functional nor did the management notify us of that when we made the reservation, before we arrived or when we arrived; it was disappointing after our long hikes through the park. When confronted with the problem, the response was: "we're waiting for the parts, we don't know when they'll arrive. Sorry (we know you'll never be back...)." The air of indifference in their response couldn't be missed; very frustrating. A credit for $30 was offered only after I requested an adjustment. The hotel seemed to have repeat business from people who chose it for sentimental reasons not for its current product. Dollarwise, it was comparable to other hotelsext time we are going to the Apple Tree Inn down the road.

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