Party Central! A review of Nu Velda Rose Resort Hotel

Stayed there for 12 July to 14 July. When we checked in there were 3 family reunions, a ten year high school reunion, a 50 year anniversary, a symposium dealing w/ chickens and was hosting an entire floor of school age dancers for a competition of some sort.

Night of the 12th discovered no fitted sheet on one double bed (other bed had one), was awoken twice by phone calls (one was rude), had a group of the family reunion decide to hold a meeting in the hallway in front of our door and had kids (i assume) jumping up and down on the floors. Needless to say was a sleepless nite.

Next morning went to complain and discovered that another resident was changing hotels due to the same noise problems I encountered. The desk mgr, to her credit, offered to credit our rooms once she received authority from the hotel mgr and guaranteed that the fitted sheet would be remedied.

On arrival back that nite, the sheet was still missing. Upon requesting one at the front desk, we were told that they do not have fitted sheets for the double beds. Strange since the other bed had one. We accepted a king fitted and utilized it.

Upon check out, the desk mgr said that all they could do was credit us for the tax that is charged upon our arrival. This is the only charge they have access to since I booked on line. The fitted sheet issue was that they had purchased the wrong size sheets (the beds were longer than normal size) and didn't have enough clean (non stained) sheets left to go around.

Overall a nice hotel but seems to be one of the party places on Saturday nite.

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Nu Velda Rose Resort Hotel
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