Paradise on Earth A review of Spruce Point Inn Resort and Spa

From the time I was 7 until I was 16, my family spent a week every summer at Spruce Point Inn in late August. It was what I lived for every summer. There is no place else I have ever seen quite like it. I spent too many hours to count in the heated fresh-water pool, where I always won the penny dives the lifeguards held, and my father always somehow coaxed me to swim with him occasionally in the salt-water pool, which is about five degrees warmer than the 55-degree ocean, as the water is unheated and pumped right in from the harbor. My mother just loved not having to cook or make beds, and relaxed reading by the ocean on one of the patios with an unmatched, unobstructed view of the sailboat-filled harbor, with the tangy salt breeze gently cooling the air. The restaurant served some of the best food I've ever had, and I'm sure they lost money on me on the Thursday night buffet. The setting is just unmatched, at least from the places I've been both in Maine and around the country, and it's a perfect place for couples or families to be with each other, as the location is secluded and very safe, and you can let the kids have the run of place without worrying about them. There is nothing like the combination of hearing the seagulls cry, watching the waves lap up against the rocky shore, smelling the salt air, and hearing the deep, resonant tones of the harbor chimes. I enjoyed my time there so much each year I cried as our car pulled away when it came time to leave. I haven't been back for awhile now, but I've never stopped thinking of it or planning the next trip.

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