Paradise at a Price A review of Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa

We saw the bay before we knew it was behind our hotel. It was

beautiful. Reading a tour book, we found it was also one of the best

snorkeling areas around. That in itself was wonderful. I really

researched to get a good price on this hotel and finally got a garden

view room for $170. When I first started looking I found nothing less

than $230.

The hotel was beautiful. We did have to wait a couple of hours for our room to be ready, but we arrived early. Right at 3 p.m., check-in time, we had a room. Until then, we first had lunch at the beach bar, which was way over-priced for the food quality. We also had a server who acted as if we were a bother. That was our last meal there. We drove 30 minutes to Waimea and had a great meal and the next day to Kona. Prices at the hotel are steep, but we expected that. The view and snorkeling in the bay was worth every cent of the room. We saw turtles, and many tropical fish without going in water over our heads.

The hotel has a coffee bar and we enjoyed sipping Kona coffee and

watching the Trade Winds tossing the palm fronds back and forth in the

evening. While we were there there was a 5.0 earthguake centered in

Hilo ( and a lady from greeted us in the hallway with "Did you feel

that? I'm from CA and I can tell you we just had an earthquake.") We

had been in the jacuzzi and apparently only people who were in the

building could feel the tremor. We eventually called the front desk and

they confirmed the earthquake, but had no information, other than to

watch the 10 p.m. news. I only wish the hotel had the weather channel (

as a hurricane was headed toward Hawaii a few days later) and local

news is infrequent. Otherwise, we loved the hotel and hope to return.

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