Pali Ke Kua no ka oi A review of Pali Ke Kua

It probably will seem strange to give a place the highest review ranking, yet still have a complaint, but I will.


I have never felt better about my Hawai'ian vacations than at the Pali Ke Kua. I have never been more relaxed nor serene with my environment on any vaca anywhere. Yet, there are not many places in the state more "haole" than Princeville and I'm not too keen on that. You will definitely NOT meet "natives". You will also not get any kind of price breaks on anything (except maybe the manapua inside the Chevron near the highway).

I'm also not a golfer and the Pali KK, along with the rest of the Princeville peninsula is ALL about that, to their great and deserved acclaim. The golf courses are unrivaled, as long as you can take getting a nice Kaua'ian shower while you whack at it.

The condos are excellent. I've stayed 7 times and have never had a bad one. Spacious, excellently appointed, fully stocked, quiet and with just a touch of luxury that can make the difference for the under 70K crowd. I recommend that one not necessarily opt for the oceanfront nor oceanview rooms. The price goes way up and the views you will have from a lesser "oriented" condo is not that much diminished; all you have to do is walk outside for as much wonderment as the OF/OV guy gets. In Hawai'i, that is a way of life. Where you are when your eyes are closed is not so important, ya?

My other complaint? The restaurant really stinks and nothing else is available withing walking distance. It is a cheesy, overpriced combination of Captain Pegleg meets Hawai'iana schtick. After trip #2, I made sure I stocked up at the excellent Safeway in Kapa'a(E side of Kaua'i, from airport) for some nights and made plans for dining out elsewhere (prefer again Kapa'a, Hanalei expensive and mediocre) on others. There's a lot of romance to be said for grilling opakapaka with your honey on your own little broiler in your own temporary Kaua'ian home.

I stayed at the PKK 5 times while still a mainlander and wondered, after I had moved to the Islands, whether it would still have the same affect on me as before. It completely did and so I recommend it highly to you.

Surprisingly, despite it's unreal location and generally high rates, you can find the PKK in many of the "50% off" travel clubs and such. One is Traveler's Advantage. I only mention that one as that is where I found mine. I once got a condo for $85 a night and you might still be able to, too.

The Pali Ke Kua is probably the best of the Marc resorts and I highly recommend it, despite the listed flaws. If you travel to the Islands or if you live here and visit the other Neighbor Islands, you will soon learn that Hawai'i has many flaws, but the right place will bring you mana to handle the rest. For a haole joint, this is one of the good ones.

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