Paid Too Much A review of Inn At East Beach

My husband and I wanted to stay in Santa Barbara for another couple of nights, so after a crummy experience at another motel, we decided to spend a bit more money and stay at The Inn at East Beach (as it's now called). We got a great rate for the Friday night (as they didn't have too many people staying the night), and they were good enough to let us arrive 3 hours earlier than the usual check-in time. We were extremely pleased with the room (extremely large, and it had a fireplace) and the service, so we weren't unhappy to pay an extra $51 (USD) for the following night (Saturday). However, we were not pleased with the partying at two separate rooms that went on for hours. It would have been nice to have gotten a reduction in our Saturday night room rate, when we advised the manager that we didn't sleep too well.

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