Pachtuv Palace-- delivered on every count. Fantastic. A review of Mamaison Suite Hotel Pachtuv Palace Prague

We have just returned from Prague, where we stayed at Pachtuv Palace for eight nights, one of the highlights of our trip. It is an amazing "residence hotel", with an attentive and friendly staff, and just a minute or two away from one end of the Charles Bridge.

Our "room" in every aspect was amazing-- spacious with high ceilings, beautifully and elegantly designed and furnished. Our room had a kitchenette (with pots, toaster, stove, refrigerator, sink, utensils, cups, plates, cloth napkins-- all of the highest quality) all conveniently designed and hidden into a large armoire that looked like an antique but was actually built to accomodate the kitchenette. We had a huge living room, and an equally large adjacent bedroom, with four poster bed, chaise lounge, clothes armoire, chest of drawers, and another television. The split-bathroom was also well appointed with toiletries and plush robes, designed in more of a modern style, but perfectly blended with the old world charm of the overall room and building.

Housekeeping was excellent and totally unobtrusive.

Last year we stayed in Prague at a sister hotel to the Pachtuv Palace (same ownership)-- The Riverside -- and our experience was equally satisfying. We choose the Pachtuv Palace this time based on that experience, and because we wanted a kitchenette, which we used extensively, especially for breakfast and small snacks/meals.

We highly recommend Pachtuv Palace because of its excellent facilities, professional staff, and central location. If possible, ask for a tour of the building where you will see some amazing architecture, and even a room where Mozart composed. Also, note, that although the whole building is called Pachtuv Palace, the original "Pachtuv Palace" is just part of the building "complex". When making a reservation you may want to request that you be located in that part of the building if history matters to you, although I think you get the best views from the other part of the building.

A great, great place to stay while visiting a truly amazing city.

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