Own and still won't go back.... A review of Plantation Resort

Before you even start reading this let me apoligize for how long it is going to be, but trust me keep reading and you will see this is not a place you want to go. You will find this absolutely disgustingly, unbelievable as do the many people I tell this story to.

The very first time I went on a tour for a timeshare was at the Plantation Resort, and was impressed with the location. I did wind up purchasing a week with Plantation during the red season, which was the summer time frame. This was on my next to last day of vacation while I was camping in Surfside Beach. When we returned from our vacation we found that my husband at the time had been demoted from his position at work and was going to be loosing almost two dollars on the hour of his pay, so as anyone would do I decided to cancel my timeshare purchase, which had to be done within 4 business days. I called an 800# that I found on my paperwork to get a fax # to send in a written copy of my request to do this. It did say that it must be done in writing, well at the time no one bothered to tell me that I could have sent a letter as long as it was postmarked within that 4 days, all I knew was it had to be there in writing in 4 days and I knew a letter would not reach them in time. I was transfered around several times to the contracting department which never answered. I was then given four numbers to the contracting department and told that I needed to continue to try to contact them myself, which I did the #'s I was given was 1 800 348-7696 which no one ever answered, 1 800 348-1172 which was Lucent Technologies (ofcourse wrong #), 1 800 348-1178 which said it could not be dialed from my area, and 1 800 348-1180 which a man answered and said was the wrong #. After trying this repeatedly and no one at the 800#'s on the contract able to tell me anything I contacted the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce and got the Better Business Buerau's # who gave me a long distance number to Plantation. When I called this # I was greeted by their receptionist who transferred me to another # which did not answer but transfered me back to her after several rings, where she not so politely informed me that she could not see through walls to see if anyone was there or not. I then tried to explain to her it was urgent that I speak to someone. I was then given a man whom I wish I knew his name because I was told he was sure all of my deposit had already been taken and to get over it I was stuck with it. I then requested to speak with someone who could give me their attorney's #, which I was informed I did not need because if I tried to back out now that I would be contacted and sued. I still requested the # and was then cold transfered to a Lynn Noe who said that he thought my salesman Mike Fornal, would be the best one to speak with and that he would have him call me back. Well, that never happened ofcourse, so I went home and finally tracked down a piece of paper my salesman had wrote his home phone # on and called and left him a message to call me. When three hours passed and I still had not recieved a call I was feeling a little avoided. So I started calling it repeatedly til he did pick up. He calmed me down and assured me that he would take care of it and would call me by 11:00 am the next day, by 2:00pm he still had not called so I called the long distance # back and requested to speak with my salesman. I was told he was busy so I told them I would wait, he then got on the phone and told me he had been busy and would call me back within an hour to an hour and a half, well three hours later when I had heard nothing from him I called back to find he had left for the day. So I requested to speak with Lynn Noe who said he would have a Bob call me back. Well he did call at 9:00 the next morning, but knew nothing of what had been going on so I explained it to him and he said since my salesman was supposed to call me back that everything would be taken care of and that he would have him call me again. But ofcourse no call, well the next night my friend called me from the beach and was sitting in one of their sales pitches to ask me if that is where I had bought and I told her yes, but ofcourse by this point I also told her what I had been going through with them since and not to buy anything from them. She listened and said well ok I will call you when I leave here and within ten minutes my phone rang and it was a man by the name of John Landis, who said he was a manager there and that my friend had explained the situation and he was sorry for all my inconvience and that he would personally void my contract the next morning and return my downpayment. During this time frame I had once again contacted my sales agent and left a message and never a call back. The next morning Mr. Landis had told me to fax him my request and gave me a fax# along with a description of my problems so far and he would get it cancled. After faxing this at 9:30 the next morning 30 minutes later I get a call from an Al Morrell who informs me there is no way that it would be cancled that by this time it had been too long and that a fax would not do it anyway that it must be certified, I told him what Mr. Landis had said and he said he would check and call me back, well at 10:30 I recieved a call from Al Morrell and a Nigel Russell who was on a speaker phone accusing me of sending this friend of mine on purpose and that she had caused a scene by telling this story, had cost them thousands of dollars in revenue and that he was sympathetic up until that point I was lucky they did not call the law on her and that because of this that he would have to think about it. I asked what kind of scene and he declined to answer just said he would call me by the end of the business day with his decision. By 4:30 I still had not heard anything and I called back and got his voicemail. He had also informed me that Mr Landis was blackmailed into saying he would cancel it "due to my friend's behavior". When I could not get Mr Russell I called back at 4:45, thinking most places end of business is 5:00, and asked to speak to Mr. Landis who informed me he never said he was blackmailed and put me on hold to get Mr. Russell instead he transferred me to a man named Jim, who I think was over the loan verifying. Once again I explained it all, he put me on hold and told me he had located Mr. Russell and that he would call me back in two minutes. He did Mr. Russell, Jim, and Mr. Morrell all called me on speakerphone to inform me that even though they had confirmed that there had been phone problems during that time frame that they would not be canceling my contract because I did get through and that anyone could have informed me that it would have had to have been certified mail and only postmarked by that date. I was doing all this and trying to work and spent probably a week after I came back from vacation trying to deal with this and a lot of crying. Just think though that was just the experience of buying it, that was two and a half years ago and because I got divorced and had no extra money and had promised my daughter a beach trip I used it for the first time this summer. Well the experience was no better , that will be my next posting if your interested. I just want everyone to know how I was done and therefore so they will not go there and get treated that way also.

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