Overrated A review of L'Auberge Del Mar

I had won a 6 night stay at the hotel in a deluxe room. The website showed that the rate for my room would have been $330/nt. My experience here was so terrible, I left after 3 nights. The balcony is a nice feature of the deluxe rooms, but you can only see a partial view of the ocean.

The beds were extremely soft and I woke up every morning with a terrible back ache! If you don't like soft beds, definitely don't stay here! The staff did try to help me by putting a board underneath the mattress, but it still didn't help.

The worst problem is that anytime anyone around you takes a shower/bath, you hear the water running and it is extremely loud. Also, the toilet ran intermittently throughout the night. Had to finally shut off the intake valve to stop the running.

The food served at the restaurant is the stuff you find in any typical chain hotel restaurant. You'd be much better served going to restaurants across the street.

The staff was polite, but rather distant and aloof. Didn't exactly make you feel warm and welcomed.

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